George Matthew Karl's 101 Offensive Basketball Drills (Coaches Choice) PDF

By George Matthew Karl

ISBN-10: 0585076235

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ISBN-13: 9781571670786

A whole number of the main an important offensive basketball drills. Covers conditioning, ball-handling, screening, passing, capturing, fast-break, lay-up, put up play, offensive rebounding and out-of-bound drills. each one drill is defined intimately and diagrammed. training guidelines are incorporated for max effects.

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Each pair starts the drill with a ball. Initially, one player is without the ball while the other player acts as a passer. The player without the ball executes a good cut to get open and receives the pass with his hands extended in the proper position. The pass is caught in the air and the receiver executes a quick stop, preparing him to become the passer. The drill continues for a time period designated by the coach. As skill levels progress, the coach may wish to include passing off the dribble drive and passing to backdoor cuts to the basket.

George Karl Page 8 Diagram Key Page 9 Chapter 1 Conditioning Drills Page 10 Drill #1: Shuffle on Command Objective: To warm up; to improve the ability to move laterally; to enhance conditioning level. Description: The players spread out facing the coach, at least double-arms length from their nearest teammate. Using a basketball as a directional pointer, the coach signals the players to perform a series of specific movements; for example, power shuffle to the left or right, back shuffle (defensive slide), back pedal, run in place, etc.

Offensive players should practice delivering the ball to a receiver at which the defender is not looking directly. Page 40 Drill #28: Post Player Bounce Pass Drill Objective: To develop passing and ballhandling skills in post players. Description: The coach should have all centers, power forwards, and small forwards rotating into their positions during the drill. The small forward (SF) passes down to the power forward (PF), with the center (C) moving out to the high post area. SF then breaks down through the key looking for a pass.

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