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By Robert Fitzgerald

Aleister Crowley's imprecise Liber 231 continues to be one in every of his so much enigmatic bought magical texts, and one whose genesis without delay issues the workings of astral magic and trance-mediumship. a meeting of mask is the summation of direct magical workings with the Genii of the Domes, the spirits governing the printed secret of Liber 231, and serving because the wards of the main Arcana of the Tarot. Fulfilled by way of the writer over a interval of a decade, the twenty-two evocations of the Genii of the Domes show a patterning of energy and gnosis heretofore little-explored within the perform of the artwork Magical. The ebook commences with the author's creation, entitled "By Seal and Sphere: A Treatise on Astral Magic". the guts of the paintings is produced from twenty-two oracles, every one of that is observed via a observation and a different Queen Scale sigil derived from the paintings. The ebook additionally comprises a number of illustrations through artist-author Barry William Hale of Fulgur restricted. Of curiosity to students of Thelema and practitioners of ceremonial magic, collecting stands as an outré magical list of the Divinatory paintings

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Ayin. J? The Sixteenth Letter. The number 70. Capricorn. The image of an Eye. The Devil. Primogenitor of Witchblood. The Renovating Intelligence. Connects Tiphareth to Hod. 27. Pe. G The Seventeenth Letter. The number 80. Mars. The image of a Mouth. The Tower. The War of the Tree. The Exciting Intelligence. Connects Hod to Netzach. Tzaddi. ^ The Eighteenth Letter. The number 90. Aries. The image of a Fish-Hook. The Emperor. The Curse of Progeny. The Constituting Intelligence. Connects Netzach to Yesod.

Throughout his career as the 'Magus of the New Aeon', Therion communicated with several astral and/or discarnate entities. In order to do so effectively he trained his Body of Light in the manner described above, which is evident from the quality of the visions and information that he received and recorded, turning several of such revelations into 'Holy Books'. He also used the services of many seers, both male and female, with varying results in quality. Needless to say, Therion trained them well, as is evident for example in The Abuldiz Working and The Amalantrah Working.

The aethyrs, and tablet work in general, taught the author many things, but perhaps the most important was how to truly 'see' in these realms, how to pierce through veils and phantoms cast forth by the interaction with the spaces themselves as well as the individual spirits and 'angels' of the Watchtowers. The deeper in he went, the stronger became his Body of Light and the better and clearer his capacity for spirit vision became. In time the genii of Liber 231 called out to him, and so he worked with them as well.

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