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Dashehari 269. Flowering in mango can be suppressed by the application of a. Auxin b. Gibberellins c. Kinetin d. Paclobutrazol 270. Hot water treatment for control of anthracnose in mango is at a. 52oC b. 32oC c. 70oC d. 100oC 271. In situ method of mango grafting is a. Soft wood grafting c. Epicotyl grafting b. Inarching d. Stooling 272. Mango inflorescence contains which type of flowers a. Male and hermaphrodite b. Male, female and hermaphrodite c. Male and neutral d. Female and hermaphrodite 273.

Propping 26. --------------state is the leader in banana production in India a. Uttar Pradesh b. Maharastra c. Andhra Pradesh d. Tamil Nadu 27. 8m b. 0m c. 6m 28. Which of the following is banana hybrid a. Co-1b c. Poovan 29. Banana is otherwise called as b. PKM-1 d. IIHR -1 a. King of the fruit c. Apple of Paradise b. Queen of the fruit d. Prince of fruit 30. Which of the following is triploidaccuminata commercial variety of banana? a. Virupakshi 31. Peepers b. Sword suckers d. Tissue culture of floral buds 32.

Lime c. Sweet orange d. Mandarin 117. Which of the following is a serious problem in citrus breeding? a. Self- incompatibility b. Nucellar poly embryony c. Viral diseases d. Seedlessness 118. Red colour in grapefruit juice is due to presence of……….. a. Carotene b. Lycopene c. Xanthophyll d. Anthocynin 119. Mottling in citrus is due to a. Citrus nematode c. Fungal disease b. B deficiency d. Zn deficiency 120. The tolerant citrus species for high temperature is a. Grapefruit b. Lime c. Sweet orange d.

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