A Week of This: a Novel in Seven Days by Nathan Whitlock PDF

By Nathan Whitlock

ISBN-10: 1550228153

ISBN-13: 9781550228151

Terrific, darkly comedian, and startlingly honest, this novel stick with the lives of a longer family members over one more and more determined week. Manda is a 38-year-old, tough, sarcastic girl who has but to make peace with town she was once delivered to as after her mom and dad' messy divorce during this novel filled with barbed discussion and hilarious, deadpan descriptions of kin dynamics.

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I think Allen’s just glad it’s all over and that you and Ken are fine and all grown up and happy where you are,” she’d said. Manda didn’t believe a word of this, though she knew the woman was saying it out of good intentions. It was the last part of what Margaret had said, however, that particularly bugged her. It 59 a week of this went to the heart of a question she had been asking her father since they’d first started coming to this town, a question he reacted to with either jokes or impatience, but which he could never answer to her satisfaction: what were they doing way up in Dunbridge?

Lana held her drink in mid-air and listened. She started to giggle. ” Lana touched her temples with the tips of her fingers. She did it without thinking, then checked her fingers quickly to see if she had inadvertently dabbed soy sauce on her forehead. ” Manda knew what was coming next: Lana never missed an opportunity to get a party-game going in the middle of a 34 thursday conversation. ” “I wouldn’t pick anything. ” Lana made a face of feigned exasperation. ” “Nothing. ” Lana ignored her. “I’d pick something by Celine Dion,” she said.

Like I’m just going to quit my job and stay at home until I’m sixty. I can’t handle that shit. ” Lana was single and had never had a baby, but at that moment she looked as though she could happily eat one whole. They lined up at the buffet and filled their warmed plates with everything that looked edible. At the far end of the buffet there were a lot of slippery-looking things on a bed of crushed ice, chunks of pineapple and little bowls of strawberries. Lana used her knife to look at the underside of the watermelon slices, but Manda 32 thursday only said, “I don’t have time for fruit,” and headed back to their table with her load.

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