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By Vasubandhu ; L. De LA Vallee Poussin, Leo Pruden

ISBN-10: 0895819139

ISBN-13: 9780895819130

This can be crucial compendium of Indian Buddhist philosophy and psychology. The 4 quantity (app. 1600 pp.) clothbound masterwork starts off with a historical past of abhidharma literature and covers an unlimited array of topics from a Buddhist standpoint. a few of these topics are Buddhist cosmology and the method of rebirth, karma and the Buddhist moral conception, psychological defilements, reasons of agony and the trail to enlightenment, the supernatural powers of a Buddha, a taxonomy of meditative states and a refutation of the lifestyles of soul. "... one of many landmark achievements within the heritage of Buddhist reviews. hugely steered for all educational libraries..."--Choice a variety of selection remarkable Books and Nonprint fabrics (OABN). Contents Translator's Preface The Abhidharma--Leo M. Pruden Abhidharmakosabhasyam--L. Poussin The Dhatus The Indriyas the area Karma The Latent Defilements the trail and the Saints The Knowledges The Absorptions Refutation of the Pudgala Footnotes Index

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This above view was strongly opposed by Stcherbatsky (The Conception of Buddhist Nirvana, 1927). De La Vallee Poussin would appear to oppose the popular elements of early Buddhism to the scholarly works of later Buddhism: such would imply that there is something essentially different between early Buddhism and Abhidharma Buddhism. Stcherbatsky held that the Buddha was a produa of the philosophical environment of his time, and that he obviously had a well-defined philosophy with its attendant metaphysic.

Tradition names the author as one Parsva (or Skandati). This work does not have the kdrtkdbhdsyam format but is, rather, a short treatise completely in prose; moreover the work lacks chapter divisions. It classifies all Sarvastivadin doctrine on the basis of the five skandhas and the three uncompounded dharmas, an original departure from the division based on uncompounded and compounded dharmas (see above). 23. Sanskrit Remains of the Abhidharma. Very little remains of the bulk of Abhidharma literature in its original Sanskrit or Indie languages, especially when compared with the remains of the various vinayas and sutras which have been uncovered.

29, p. 330a-b) says, "This is not the teaching of the Buddha, but of the sutras. We see differences in words and meanings in the scriptures of the different sectarian groups. Because the sutras have different meanings, the sectarian teachings are different. That is, the Pruden xlv Sautrantikas recite The Sutra of the Seven States of Existence, and (on the basis of this) posit, in their Abhidharma, the existence of an antara-bhava (an intermediary existence), and so too posit a gradual manifestation of insight.

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Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. I by Vasubandhu ; L. De LA Vallee Poussin, Leo Pruden

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