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By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

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Ruby on Rails is helping you produce top quality, beautiful-looking net functions speedy. you think about growing the appliance, and Rails looks after the main points. Tens of hundreds of thousands of builders have used this award-winning e-book to profit Rails. it is a huge, far-reaching instructional and reference that is prompt through the Rails center workforce. if you are new to Rails, you will get step by step assistance. if you are an skilled developer, this ebook offers you the great, insider info you would like. Rails has advanced through the years, and this ebook has developed in addition to it. We nonetheless begin with a step by step walkthrough of creating a true program, and in-depth chapters examine the integrated Rails beneficial properties. This version now supplies new Ruby and Rails clients additional information at the Ruby language and takes extra time to give an explanation for key ideas all through. top practices on the best way to observe Rails proceed to alter, and this version retains up. Examples use cookie sponsored classes, HTTP authentication, and energetic Record-based kinds, and the booklet focuses all through at the correct approach to use Rails. also, this version now displays Ruby 1.9, a brand new free up of Ruby with vast sensible and function advancements.

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Pop down into that directory, and list its contents (using ls on a Unix box or dir under Windows). ru config/ db/ doc/ Gemfile lib/ log/ public/ Rakefile README script/ test/ tmp/ vendor/ All these directories (and the files they contain) can be intimidating to start with, but we can ignore most of them for now. In this chapter, we’ll use only one of them directly: the app directory, where we’ll write our application. Included in these files is everything you need to start a stand-alone web server that can run our newly created Rails application.

Unfortunately, depending on which version of RubyGems you have installed and what distribution you are running, not all of the ways work. Be persistent. Try each of the following until you find one that works for you. rb Next we will install the Rails framework and the SQLite3 database. sudo gem install rails sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby On the last command, you will be prompted to select which gem to install for your platform. Simply select the latest (topmost) gem that contains the word ruby in parentheses, and a native extension will be built for you.

Ruby also provides means for defining collections of arbitrary objects via Arrays and Hashes. Arrays and Hashes Ruby’s arrays and hashes are indexed collections. Both store collections of objects, accessible using a key. With arrays, the key is an integer, whereas hashes support any object as a key. Both arrays and hashes grow as needed to hold new elements. It’s more efficient to access array elements, but hashes provide more flexibility. Any particular array or hash can hold objects of differing types; you can have an array containing an integer, a string, and a floating-point number, for example.

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