Download e-book for iPad: Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition by Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

ISBN-10: 1934356166

ISBN-13: 9781934356166

It is a strong textual content, however it will be advised that an Agile improvement particular booklet be learn, both previously or simultaneously, whereas evolving the data imparted in those pages. "The artwork of Agile improvement" via James Shore is an effective praise to this examining. Agile in fact, doesn't simply observe to Ruby and Rails, yet Ruby and Rails are uniquely shaped to advertise Agile ideas. past Rails books don't remove darkness from this connection so good as this one does, if in any respect. As such, it may be extra hugely steered to profit rails through this booklet because it exposes this connection through-out. As a context delicate framework, rails may be discovered to the measure of revealing simply that a lot, or ... one may possibly the best way to use rails in an totally iterative and collaborative improvement surroundings. That assertion may still make clear the import of this booklet. One may possibly declare that there's a correct option to examine Rails and good then too, the outdated method. study it the fitting method, utilizing Agile improvement practices. One speedy notes that Agile isn't just a administration software, yet a programmer's improvement method. actually it transcends many improvement services, from product administration to checking out, ultimate unlock and endured upkeep and help. Rails as a framework, is improved by way of an knowing of ways it matches with Agile. This e-book is going miles towards making that transparent.

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6 It might be annoying, but the error is perfectly reasonable (apart from the weird path). We created the controller class and the action method, but we haven’t told Rails what to display. And that’s where the views come in. Remem6. If instead you see a message to the effect of No route matches "/say/hello", try stopping and restarting your server as something you have done caused Rails to cache your configuration information before the controller was created. 9 printing, January 7, 2009) 49 H ELLO , R AILS !

Gets rid of the blank line before Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas! In general, suppressing these newlines is a matter of taste, not necessity. However, you will see Rails code out in the wild that uses the minus sign this way, so it’s best to know what it does. In the following example, the loop sets a variable that is interpolated into the text each time the loop executes.
9. If you still see blank lines in the output check to make sure that there aren’t any blank spaces after the end of the lines.

Most of the time, you’re going to want to use it when substituting values into HTML pages. email>" ) %> In this example, the h method prevents the special characters in the e-mail address from garbling the browser display—they’ll be escaped as HTML entities. email>, and the special characters are displayed appropriately. 9 printing, January 7, 2009) 54 H ELLO , R AILS ! 55 Adding the Time Our original problem was to display the time to users of our application. We now know how to make our application display dynamic data.

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