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Or at least, almost everything. There was little he enjoyed less than sharing such details with his mother—she tended to grab hold of any hope that he might actually marry and cling on to it with the tenacity of a barnacle. But he had little choice. Not if he wanted to find her. "I met someone last night at the masquerade," he finally said. Violet clapped her hands together with delight. " Violet looked nearly ready to die of rapture. "Who? " She frowned. "No, that's impossible. He had no daughters.

Sophie's eyes fell to Araminta's hand, and she only just managed to stifle a gasp. Araminta was holding the shoes that Sophie had borrowed the night before. "I—I don't know what you mean," she stammered. "These shoes are brand-new. " Sophie stood quietly until she realized that Araminta required a reply. " Araminta screeched, jabbing her finger toward one of the heels. "It's scuffed. Scuffed! " "I'm sure I don't know, my lady," Sophie said. "Perhaps—" "There is no perhaps about it," Araminta huffed.

Benedict grumbled. " Sophie queried. " "Nothing at all," Colin said jovially, "but I'm thinking quite seriously of remedying that. " Colin grinned, gave a jaunty salute, and was gone. "It's nice to see two siblings who love each other so well," Sophie murmured. Benedict, who had been staring somewhat menacingly at the doorway through which his brother had just disappeared, snapped his attention back to her. " Sophie thought of Rosamund and Posy, who were forever sniping at each other, and not in jest.

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