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By Godfrey Higgins

Anacalypsis is the identify of a long two-volume treatise written by means of non secular historian Godfrey Higgins in 1833. The publication is densely written, in language that during areas seems to be cryptic. It has hidden layers of which means, it searches for the common beginnings of faith, and took twenty years to accomplish. This publication is offered at a fragment of the price of the Print model.

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Line 29, for 'que,' read quam . 192, line 9, for ' arratri,' read aratri . 199, line 17, for duriatiou,' read duration. 202, line 29, for'spaciis ; read spatiis. 255, line 7, for, ' incidiaberis,' read insidiaberis. 312, line 33, for ' an Vierge,' read d la Vierge. 315, line- 7, for' ascendunt,' read ascendit . 320, line 15, for ' ipsiis,' read ipsis . 356, in note 5, for' Beserches,' read Recherches. 359, line 22, for' faite' and' mime,' read fate and mine. 370, line 4, for' ceruit,' read cernitur.

304, line 1, for ' Dyonyg,' read Dyonys. fig . 18,' read fig . 19. -319, line 18, for' Dyouisius,' • read Dionysus . 329, line 10, for ' translating the LXX. into Greek, read, translating the Hebrew into the . Greek LXX. line 29, for fig . 20,' read fig. 21 . line 40, for ' fig. 23,' read fig. 24. line 35, for ' Laeshmi,' read Lacshmi . line 1, for ' Chap . 1. Sect . 1,' read ' Chap. 11. Sect . 2. 400, line 23, after' witness,' insert He says that. 407, line 26, for ' and,' read or . 411, line 28, for Adam,' read Noah.

The almost universal adoption of the septenary cycle, which as a religiotu ordinance was certainly not known to the Israelites before the time of Moses, can in no other way be accounted for, and is in itself not of trifling moment . When man advanced in astronomical science, and parcelled the path of the moon in the heavens into divisions, he did not choose for this purpose twenty-nine or twenty-seven, but twenty-eight ; and, accordingly, this was the number of mansions of the moon into which the Lunar Zodiac was divided by the astrologers of Egypt, of Arabia, of Chaldea, and of India .

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