Download e-book for kindle: Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man's Origin by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

By Dr. Douglas M. Baker

ISBN-10: 0906006031

ISBN-13: 9780906006030

This paintings is an holistic method of the cosmic starting place of humanity. the writer offers with the advanced topic of Globes, Rounds and Chains, and gives an outline of the early races of guy in the world. truly illustrated with charts and diagrams.

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Current scientific thinking is that life (never defined by the most accomplished of scientists) arose from non-living matter under the conditions prevailing on the early Earth and that it is from such origins that all life on Earth as it is at the moment has descended. The Hylozoistic Theory. * Hylo derives from the Greek word for matter, and zoism means life. The theory that everything lives — from the tiniest atom to the greatest galaxy. Even today, this theory, which is pantheism taken to its logical conclusion, is anathema to the biologist, and even our more earnest students of the esoteric sometimes boggle at it.

While this method is used extensively, time will show that it is fallacious in numerous respects but especially with regard to implements, tools, bones and other materials handled by man.

And to this Planck answered :- You picked flowers - well, so have I. Let them be, then combined; Let us exchange our flowers fair, And in the brightest wreath them bind. The study and comprehension of medicine, difficult, arduous and exacting as it is, is like a tea party compared to the study of Man's origin, and without the ancient teachings science has no hope of unraveling anthropogenesis. This book and its contents devolve from four great questions :- Who is Man? Where does he come from? Why is he here?

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Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man's Origin by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

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