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27 2480-2493; cf. Theaet. 156a, 157a, and passim. -249b. 20 249er. (Corni ord s translation, slightly altered). 30With the help of these, relationships may be established not only between being, rest, and movement but for all instances in which a Form is either set apart from others or joined to them in a meaningful combination. All this provides a new basis for logical operations, for the organization of the world of Forms 31- and for the incorporation of the physical world in the philosopher's sphere of interest.

Also Emped. 11. For Aristotle (De gen. et corr. ) see below, Ch. 19. 88See esp. Lucr. 11,444 (nothing exactly parallel is attested for Democntus, yet see Bailey, Atomists, 137). 84See Èmped. B73 and 96 (which I have perhaps brought too closely together) and B56. See also A30 (on the moon) and A52 (on the heavenly vault as hardened by the fire) ; cf. Burnet, E. G. , 237. 85For the distinction between iroiriTiKal and iradyTiKal dwá/xets see De gen. 329b24ff. (Meteor. 378bi2 and passim). For Anaximander see A27.

Gregory Vlastos, Philos. , 59 (1950), 410. See also P. Tannery, Four Phist. de la science hell. ; Paris, 1930), 294fr". 66See Democr. B125 and for details esp. A129, 133, 135. Size and shape (of the atoms), the so-called primary qualities, are not "powers" (dynameis). Weight and lightness which the atoms acquire in the whirl do not seem to have been treated by Democritus with reference to aisthesis. For Plato and Aristotle see below, Ch. 13. Bailey, Atomist s, 105, is hesitant about tracing Democritus' views on "secondary qualities" to Leucippus.

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