[Article] Studies of Magnitude in Star Clusters VII. A by Shapley H. PDF

By Shapley H.

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24 M. Carrier Simultaneity ceases to be objective and becomes a frame-dependent notion. How to digest such a finding? One might be tempted to argue that the relativity of simultaneity militates against the procedural approach to simultaneity and suggest that the latter be abandoned. Yet Einstein sticked to it – in spite of its seemingly absurd consequences. And the scientific community quickly accepted this move. But why? What is the reason for Einstein’s confidence in the operational notion of simultaneity?

This is apparent from the famous opening The Challenge of Practice 23 paragraph of the 1905 paper in which Einstein criticizes an explanatory asymmetry inherent in the then-current electrodynamics: the interaction between a magnet and a coil is treated differently depending on which object is assumed to be in motion. If a coil is moved in a static magnetic field, an electric current is produced through the Lorentz force; if the magnet is moved, the current is generated by induction. The value of the current agrees in both cases, but its emergence is attributed to different causes.

H. Poincar´e: La th´eorie de Lorentz et le principe de r´eaction, in Œuvres de Henri Poincar´e IX (Gauthier-Villars, Paris 1954), pp. 464-488. 23. H. Poincar´e: La Valeur de la Science (Flammarion, Paris 1905). 24. I. Miller: Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Emergence (1905) and Early Interpretation (1905-1911) (Addison–Wesley, Reading Mass. 1981). 25. H. Reichenbach: The Philosophy of Space and Time (Dover Publications, New York 1958); translated from Philosophie der Raum–Zeit–Lehre (W.

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