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By Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir Dimashqi, Dr. Abdul Ahad (Alig.)

ISBN-10: 9960971503

ISBN-13: 9789960971506

Like every thing, the current universe also will come to an finish, and it's a a part of our religion to think within the final Day. The indicators of the Day of Judgment were foretold by means of our Prophet (S). Ibn Kathir has accumulated the entire prophesies of the Prophet (S) in his ebook Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah. during this quantity, we now have provided from them the symptoms of the Hour and the occasions which are but to occur, even if stating only a few examples of these prophesies that experience already been learned.

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The fourth is a trial that will take place in my nation - it is the greatest of them. The fifth is the abundant flowing of wealth among you, until a man is given 100 dinars but is still dissatisfied with it. Say: five. ' He A said, 'A flag, and under each flag there are 12 000. " (Ahmad) Muslim related this Hadeeth through another chain. " (Ahmad) And Muslim related it from the Hadeeth of Ismaa'eel ibn Ja'far Al-Madanee. Ten Signs Before The Coming Of The Hour Huthafah ibn Asad said, "The Prophet g, came over us as we were studying among ourselves (knowledge pertaining to) the Hour.

He is indeed oneeyed, and indeed, your Lord is not one-eyed. Written between the eyes (of the Liar (i e. " (Muslim) Bukhaaree related the same from the Hadeeth of Sho'bah. " (Muslim) Hudhaifah 4 related that the Messenger of Allah A said, "I know more about what the Dajjaal has with him than he himself knows. With him are two flowing rivers; in the vision of the eye, the first one is white water; in the vision of the eye, the second one is burning fire. e. the Dajjaal) reaches one of you, then let him go to the one he sees as being fire and let him close his eyes.

The fighting will go on until the night acts as a barrier between them. Both armies will return non-victorious, and this (last) advance group perishes. On the fourth day, the rest of Islam's adherents will go to face them, and Allah will make them become stricken by misfortunes. The killing will be such as,' he either said, 'we know not the likes of,' or he said, 'nothing similar to it will have been seen, to the extent that a bird will pass by their sides and will not pass by them until it falls down dead.

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Book of the End (Great Trials and Tribulations) by Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir Dimashqi, Dr. Abdul Ahad (Alig.)

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