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By Chernikov, Schmidt.

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ELLIS: Exact and inexact solutions of the Einstein field equations 37 REFERENCES B. Allen and J. Simon (1992): Nature 357, 19. J. Bardeen (1980): Phys Rev D 22, 1881. S. Bildhauer and T. Futamase (1991): Gen Rel Grav 23, 1251. R. H. Boyer (1969): Proc Roy Soc A311 245. H. Buchdahl (1959), Phys Rev 116 1027. C. J. S. Clarke (1992): The analysis of spacetime singularities Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [to appear]. C. J. S. Clarke, G. F. R. Ellis and J. A. Vickers (1990): Class Qu Grav 7, 1.

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Exact and Inexact Solutions of the Einstein Field Equations GEORGE F. R. ELLIS 1 INTRODUCTION There has been a tremendous growth in the understanding of General Relativity and of its relation to experiment in the past 30 years, resulting in its transformation from a subject in the doldrums on the periphery of theoretical physics, to a subject with a considerable experimental wing and and many recognised major theoretical achievements to its credit. The main areas of development have been, * solar system tests of gravitational theories, * gravitational radiation theory and detectors, * black holes and gravitational collapse, * cosmology and the dynamics of the early universe.

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