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Arising doubtless from its pre-eminence as a normal liquid, water has regularly been thought of through chemists because the unique solvent during which very diverse chemical reactions can happen, either for preparational and for analytical reasons. This explains the very long-standing curiosity proven within the examine of aqueous suggestions. during this con­ nection, it has to be under pressure that the idea of Arrhenius and Ostwald (1887-1894) on electrolytic dissociation, was once initially devised completely for strategies in water and that the 1st precise inspiration of acidity because of this can be associated with using this solvent. The newer improvement of diverse physico-chemical dimension equipment has made attainable a rise of information during this quarter as much as an exceptionally complex measure of systematization. hence this present day we've to be had either a really great amount of experimental information, including very sophisticated tools of deduction and of quantitative therapy of chemical reactions in resolution which allow us to make the fullest use of this knowledge. however, . it sounds as if really obvious at the moment that there are lots of chemical methods which can't occur in water, and that its use as a solvent imposes 2 creation barriers. to be able to conquer those barriers, it was once usual that curiosity might be drawn to solvents except water and that the recent chances hence spread out might be explored.

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5. Presentation of Reactions in Solution Solution chemistry is concerned with substances (dissolved or otherwise) which, placed in contact within a solvent, react amongst themselves, that is they undergo a transformation resulting in the formation of other substances. These latter frequently remain in solution, but it can happen that if the concentration reaches the level of solubility, 'saturation' takes place in the solution, and a substance appears either solid (precipitation) or liquid (separation) or gaseous (release of gas).

On the contrary, other ions have a structure-breaking effect on water (for example CIOi, 1-, SCN- , BFi, FeCli, Ag+). Another conception, developed especially for ions in aqueous solution (Samoilov, 1957), is the consideration of the effect of the solute on the translatory movements due to thermal agitation of the solvent molecules situated in its vicinity. For the molecules of a pure liquid these movements are defined in the following manner: each molecule occupies, for a certain time, a site in the structure (ordered at short distance), in which it vibrates about an equilibrium position; when it possesses sufficient energy 28 SOLVENTS AND SOLUTES (of activation) to pass through the potential barrier, it jumps from this equilibrium site to another free site (a vacancy in the structure) near by, thus making a translatory movement.

19611962; cf. Blander, 1964). Within experimental error, SOLVENTS AND SOLUTES 53 the constants measured (logKass) vary, between the values for each nitrate in a pure state, linearly with the mole fraction of one of the solvent constituents. 39 (activities expressed by the mole fractions). The direction of variation is in accordance with that of the reciprocal Coulomb effect, since we deduce from the relationship (1-14) that -LtG increases when we replace Na + by K + of greater radius (Ag+ being smaller than Na + and K +, Br- being smaller than NO;).

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