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He had a yearning to learn kung-fu and was determined to follow a famous kung-fu master. As his stall was neighbouring the WAH T H E MON EY CHAN G E R 'S F I N A L A DOPTI ON A S L E U N G J A N 'S D ISC I PL E . pharmacy of Leung Jan , whose behaviour and kung­ That night, when Leung Jan returned to his fu skills he had admired for a long time, he was eager to request Leung Jan to accept him as his disciple. But owing to the fact that Leung Jan was a respected gentleman of a famous family and at the same time a wealthy shop owner, Wah the Money Changer felt humiliated in making such a request.

R ecent researches, however, reveal that the fi re the art of figh t i ng. When h e was a boy, he was naughty, but at the Siu Lam M onastery m ight have been fabricated with the aim of setting up secre t societies, to attract young men pug i l i st who came from the north and kil led him on the stage d u ri ng a tou rn ament. For thi s he was much praised and of the lower cl asses to join them, and to organise movements adored. This also got h i m i nvolved in a dispute with some to overth row the M anchu Government.

A Kick that broke Four Fir Tru n ks It was recalled by one of the long-retired detectives of Yip Man's squad that he once witnessed Yip Man's amazing strength. This retired detective was a fellow clansman of Yip Man. Several years later, in Hong Kong, his nephew, a local lawyer, became a disciple of Yip Man. The story goes that one day Yip Man was leading hls squad in hunting down a gang of robbers. They arrived at a large farmyard, where the robbers were supposed to be hiding. In front of the main door of the farmhouse there was a gate, made of fir trunks as thick as a man's arm.

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