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Chapter 1 The Metabolism of C19 Steroids by means of person Tissues (pages 236–243): Leo T. Samuels
Chapter 2 In vivo Metabolism of C19 Steroids (pages 244–250): Frank Ungar and Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter three Is Dehydroisoandrosterone remoted from Urine Extracts an unique 17?Ketosteroid or a fabricated from Chemical Degradation? (pages 251–273): E. Dingemanse
Chapter four The impact of Androgens at the Urinary Excretion of Steroid Alcohols and ?strogens (pages 274–285): Lewis L. Engel, Marion Lance, Gladys Ekman, Katherine H. Spaulding, Priscilla Carter and Ira T. Nathanson
Chapter five Excretion of Steroids in a Case of Interstitial cellphone Tumour of the Testis (pages 286–290): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter 6 Metabolism of impartial C21 and C19 Steroids (pages 291–308): Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter 7 Progesterone Metabolism—A evaluate (pages 309–326): William H. Pearlman
Chapter eight The Metabolism of Progesterone in Goats (pages 327–328): R. J. Boscott
Chapter nine The Separation of Urinary Cortical Steroids (pages 329–333): R. J. Boscott
Chapter 10 The middleman Metabolism of Progesterone in Human topics (pages 334–346): Ian F. Sommerville
Chapter eleven The Metabolism of Progesterone and similar Compounds (pages 347–353): Ralph I. Dorfman, Frank Ungar, Paul Wgnos, Robert M. Stecher and Norman Shumway
Chapter 12 Metabolic experiences on Orally Administered Progesterone (pages 354–358): Eleanor H. Venning
Chapter thirteen Blood Progesterone in being pregnant (pages 359–365): C. J. O. R. Morris
Chapter 14 On attainable Relationships among the Metabolic Breakdown of Progesterone and its organic job (pages 366–374): H. S. Guterman
Chapter 15 11?Oxygenating Enzyme procedure (pages 375–380): Ralph I. Dorfman and Mika Hayano
Chapter sixteen The Metabolism of Steroid Hormones in people (pages 381–417): ok. Dobriner and S. Lieberman
Chapter 17 The impression of Corticosteroids on Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Metabolism in vitro (pages 418–422): F. Verzar
Chapter 18 Chairman's final comments (pages 423–424): R. ok. Callow

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We may conclude from this that here also there is no fundamental difference in the 17-ketosteroid excretion of normal subjects and patients with a dysfunction of the adrenal cortex from a qualitative point of view. DEHYDRO~~OANDROSTERONE IN URINE 0 4 . normal male, 271 19 year* Wa. 18. 17-KetoSteroidchromatqpm of urine of n o d male. Ordinste-17-keto6lteroids in mg. Absciass--numbersof the eluates. Marimurn I androst-2-en-17-one, 8-chloroandmst-5-en-l7-one, androsts-85-dien-17-one. I1 i-androsta4-6-01-17-0ne 111 dehydrokoandrosterone, isosndrosterone N ahdrosterane, androst-9411-84-01-17-0~ V retiocholan-8a-ol-17-one,aetiochol-%en-8a-01-17one VI 1 1 - h y d r o x y a n d e w 11-hydroxyretiocholanolone VIII unidentified 17-ketosteroids REFERENCES BARTON,D.

172, 263. DISCUSSION CALLOW:We all have a great admiration for the way that during t h e war Dr. Dingemanse has worked out this pocket edition of chromatography. For myself I had not from the modest note in Nature realized 272 GENERALDIscuSsIoN just how important this i-androstanolone question was. I feel that i t requires serious consideration by all the people who have been doing metabolic studies. I have never found this i-steroid. If you acidify the urine DOBRINER: and prepare the neutral fraction in the usual way, including Guard's separation, do you still have your i-compound?

124 hr. ETOSTEROIDSIN Table I1 E. DINGEMANSE 260 In some cases of hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex there is an increase of all these 17-ketosteroids; in certain cases only dehidr&oandrosterone and in others only the three last-mentioned compounds show an increase. It sometimes c a r c i n o m a of s o m CJ /% hr. f a ter . 7 m9/ 24 hrs Fro. 6. 17-Ketosteroids in urine of a patient with carcinoma of adrenal cortex. occurs, however, that the amount of androsterone appears to be considerably increased.

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