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This is often the 1st time those complimentary grimoires were sure into one quantity. jointly they contain a wealth of spells, spirits, lore, talismans and psalm magic. generally footnoted, the seals corrected re-drawn and restored, with excerpts and workings from the translator's magical list, it is a functional textual content which throws mild at the Grimorium Verum, crimson Dragon and Grand Grimoire. The Black Dragon attracts seriously at the 1760 (1810) Grimoire of Honorius, that is considerably diversified to the 1670 variation and the sooner thirteenth century Sworn booklet of Honorius (Liber Juratus) that's an ancestor in identify by myself. The spirits referenced are as a result these we discover within the Grimorium Verum and the seals were corrected in accordance with the learn of Jake Stratton-Kent as provided within the actual Grimoire, (Scarlet Imprint 2009). the unique seals are reproduced for comparability. we discover many different parts of crafty craft in those pages together with the toad bone, black cat bone, horse secrets and techniques and standard spells for reliable and in poor health, in addition to a extraordinary use of an strange type of the magic reflect. by contrast, The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III is an early grimoire and a piece of nominally Christian magic. Legend means that it used to be awarded by way of Pope Leo III to Charlemagne and used to be answerable for his worldly luck. A disputed date of 1523 is given to its construction. The Enchiridion is pointed out time and again within the Black Dragon and in different places within the grimoire culture the place the penitential psalms are required.

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Js, make anew the sign of the cross, and say the Veni Creator. This done, place yourself in the South, having in your left hand holy water and in your right holy boxwood, and say: 0 God of tbe Soutb, 0 God of tbe East, 0 God of tbe West, 0 God of tbe Nortb, evil spell tbat I Sbould bave corrupted on your lives. '4 Make a novena looking into the mirror, if one has one, with the words already cited. THE BLACK DRAGON TO BREAK & DESTROY A SPELL BY THE MEANS OF THE BLACK COCK Take a black cockerell, feed him with three drops of holy water and hang him by the legs in a loft where you leave him three full days.

Make the sign of the Cross]. Flee! Enemies be gone: here is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Root of David. THE SECOND PART SPELLS & COUNTER-SPELLS FOR LIFTING ANY SPELL & SUMMONING THE PERSON WHO HAS CAUSED HARM Take the heart of a dead animal taking care not to make a single wound to it, and put it upon a clean plate; then get nine thorns from a hawthorn and proceed as follows: Pierce the heart with one of the thorns saying: Adibaga, Saboatb, Adonay, contra ratout prisons pereruntfini unixio parade gossum.

Do you not know that you waste your strength before your creator and ours? Therefore think of what you reject; especially as I am promising and swearing by the last day of ]udgmen t, and by He who created All w11b a single word, and whom all creatures obey. P. per sedem Baldarcy et per gratiam et diligentem tuam babuisti ab eo bane nalatima namilam, so I aSk you. EVOCATIONS 19 CONJURATIONS FOR EACH DAY OF TI-E WEEK MONDAY Conjuration for Lucifer conjure you, Lucifer, by tbe living God, by tbe true God, by tbe boly God, by tbe God wbo spoke and all was made; be commanded and all tbings were • brougbt into being and created.

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