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By Charles Adams

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Taxation is a grim fact of existence. yet few observe the effect that taxation has had on society. This severe, yet frequently a laugh, ebook specializes in the big effect that taxation has had at the structuring of society in the course of the a long time and around the globe. informed through knowledgeable on taxation, For reliable and Evil is a sweeping assessment of the background of taxes from old Egypt to this day. jam-packed with interesting info and little-known proof, this e-book will switch ceaselessly how you take into consideration taxes.

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Throughout the ancient scriptures, taxes were most often referred to as a burden, sometimes as a yoke. 4 By the use of his power to tax, the pharaoh probably enslaved the Hebrews and set the stage for Moses and the Exodus. History is full of similar examples-an unpopular wealthy class, without political power, is taxed into oblivion, emigration, or rebellion. Consequently, the most natural and legal way for the pharaoh to deal "wisely" with the Israelites was through crippling taxation. After Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage, they resettled in Palestine under Joshua.

The king made his head tax officials responsible for all uncollected taxes. This pressure at the top of the system inevitably passed down to the lowest taxpayer on the bottom. The king was caught between an empty treasury and rebellious taxpayers. In such a situation he talked out of both sides of his mouth. The letter Ptolemy and his queen wrote was basically a public relations stunt, and tax history is full of similar examples. In the interest of good public relations, governments will make soothing announcements when there are public outcries from angry taxpayers.

This so-called wisdom of the pharaohs may be speculative and occult; more concrete is the message of Egypt's tax story. Egyptian civilization was highlighted by its enduring length. , and it perpetuated itself until the fall of Rome. C. , but each time it reverted to its original splendor. , during and after the reign of pharaoh Akhenaten, who is remembered for trying to enforce a belief in one God, major changes were made in the tax system. The efforts to bring about monotheism failed, but the tax changes remained and Egypt started on a slow decline over the next thousand years during which time many foreigners ruled Egypt.

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