Instant Magick: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Spellcraft by Christopher Penczak PDF

By Christopher Penczak

ISBN-10: 0738708593

ISBN-13: 9780738708591

What in the event you may perform magick every time, with no using ceremonial spells, altars, or magickal instruments? goods akin to candles, targeted parts, and unique symbols are essential to practice many varieties of magick, yet this stuff should not continually possible, possible, or maybe to be had. The purest type of magick-tapping into your personal full of life information to create change-is available easily during the energy of your will.

Popular writer Christopher Penczak explains how you can weave typical energies into each part of existence through inspiring readers to discover their very own person determination. This publication beneficial properties custom-made innovations used to weed out any undesirable, bad, or pointless wants to discover a precise, balanced magickal being. Penczak's leading edge, smooth spellcasting suggestions make the most of meditation, visualization, phrases, and purpose in any state of affairs, at any time. the implications can appear prompt, and the capability unlimited.

Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary assets Award for most sensible Magick/Shamanism publication

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Alpha is a relaxed state that includes daydreaming as well as the trance like states caused by repetitive dancing and music. We all float in and out of alpha all the time. The difference between a daydream and magick is the conscious control of the switch. This is the art of altering consciousness. Repetition and structure in thought, word and movement is what creates altered consciousness in ritual. Eastern traditions use the repetition of a mantra as a meditative focus. One sacred sound, one word or phrase is repeated silently over and over again.

This instruction of his father’s was the foundation of Mehmet Karagoz’s magical career. He traveled widely in search of knowledge and eventually settled in Albania, where he founded his own occult school and became one of the most famous and most mysterious of adepts. ” —Natural Magic, p 17 The story of Karagoz shows how the most important factor to magick is belief and mental focus, rather than tools, and that it has been a part of traditional magick for quite a while. In this book, techniques will be expanded upon to give you more inner tools to focus your mind and direct your beliefs.

Focus on your heart. Feel the energy in your chest. Feel the beat of your heart and the flow of your blood. Feel the love you hold in your heart. Feel the love you have for family and friends, the love you have for the divine spirit, and the love you have for yourself. Within your heart and soul, feel the spark, the flame of light that will guide you. You don’t have to see anything in your inner vision. Just know its there and acknowledge its presence. Though this centering ritual we have acknowledged the four traditional elements of magick.

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