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The DC conductivity of the AUS5 clusters and of Pd561 Phen360200 was found to show a temperature dependence of the form as is illustrated in Figure 12. We remark that the deviations seen at the lowest temperatures « 8 K) are due to non-ohmic effects. As shown in Figure 13 the conductivity becomes strongly non-ohmic below about 10 K, with (J" increasing with the applied voltage. 1. DE JONGH "',00, 4 0 E , u c: ..... :::: -4 u \:)"0 I0'1 0 -I -8 0 ' 90 0 ,, ~~ ...... 20 ( r112 ...... 50 K- 112 ) Fig.

C8, supp!. nr. 12 (1988) 1179. J. D. Roth, G. J. Lewis, L. K. Safford, X. Jiang, L. F. Dahl and M. J. Weaver, 1. Am. Chem. Soc. 114 (1992) 6159-6169. 2. HIGH-NUCLEARITY CARBONYL METAL CLUSTERS ALESSANDRO CERIOTII, ROBERTO DELLA PERGOLA and LUIGI GARLASCHELLI Dipartimento di Chimica Inorganica, Metallorganica e Analitica, via G. c. p. p. p. J. ). Physics and Chemistry of'Metal Cluster Compounds, © 1994 Kluwer Academic Publishers. 41-106. 42 ALESSANDRO CERIOTTI ET AL. 1. Introduction The field of metal clusters nowadays represents a large area of inorganic chemistry.

11'11 '" • II. 1S II. • 12 . 81 II, ~ Ill . 1 g to " • '. ,. t ' .. • t~ ~ .. ';: " 10 0 ____/... ::r·· II .. •• _ - - 1010 f/Tu(O) (Ocm/sK) Fig. 16. Scalingofcr'(w)ofPd561. the temperature dependences of a' (w) and a" (w) are well accounted for. Also the temperature dependences of a' (w) and a" (w) are well discribed by this theory. e. the frequency dependences of the conductivity at different temperatures should all fall unto a single curve, when plotted as a(w)ja(O) versus wjTa(O). This is shown for the real part of the conductivity, a' (w), in Figure 16 (instead of w = 27r f, the frequency f appears in this figure) .

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