Reactive Polymers Fundamentals and Applications. A Concise - download pdf or read online

By Johannes Karl Fink

ISBN-10: 0815515154

ISBN-13: 9780815515159

  • "It should be competently envisioned that this publication will meet the desires of people that paintings with the reactions of polymers for any reason." - present Engineering perform, Vol. forty six, 2006

PDL Editor's Preface

, Pages i-ii

, Pages iii-v
1 - Unsaturated Polyester Resins

, Pages 1-67
2 - Polyurethanes

, Pages 69-138
3 - Epoxy Resins

, Pages 139-240
4 - Phenol/formaldehyde Resins

, Pages 241-281
5 - Urea/formaldehyde Resins

, Pages 283-298
6 - Melamine Resins

, Pages 299-305
7 - Furan Resins

, Pages 307-320
8 - Silicones

, Pages 321-348
9 - Acrylic Resins

, Pages 349-372
10 - Cyanate Ester Resins

, Pages 373-395
11 - Bismaleimide Resins

, Pages 397-446
12 - Terpene Resins

, Pages 447-469
13 - Cyanoacrylates

, Pages 471-492
14 - Benzocyclobutene Resins

, Pages 493-506
15 - Reactive Extrusion

, Pages 507-530
16 - Compatibilization

, Pages 531-586
17 - Rheology Control

, Pages 587-610
18 - Grafting

, Pages 611-656
19 - Acrylic Dental Fillers

, Pages 657-692
20 - Toners

, Pages 693-702

, Pages 703-770

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Jute as reinforcing fiber is particularly significant from an economic point of view. 69 Sisal. Sisal fiber is a vegetable fiber having specific strength and stiffness that compare well with those of glass fiber. Most synthetic resins are, however, more expensive than the sisal fiber, making these composites less attractive for low-technology applications. 70, 79 In a sisal/wollastonite reinforcing system for unsaturated polyester resins, the tensile strength and the flexural strength drop with increasing sisal content.

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