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The Boys and the Frogs. Some boys, playing near a pond, saw a number of Frogs in the water, and began to pelt them with stones. " What we do in sport often makes great trouble for others. The Crab and its Mother. A Crab said to her son: "Why do you walk so one-sided, my child? " The mother tried in vain, and submitted without remonstrance to the reproof of her child. Example is more powerful than precept. The Wolf and the Shepherd. A Wolf followed a flock of sheep for a long time, and did not attempt to injure one of them.

The man replied, that if the Horse would receive a bit in his mouth, and agree to carry him, he would contrive very effectual weapons against the Stag. The Horse consented, and allowed the man to mount him. From that hour he found that, instead of obtaining revenge on the Stag, he had enslaved himself to the service of man. He who seeks to injure others often injures only himself. The Lion and the Dolphin. A Lion, roaming by the sea-shore, saw a Dolphin lift up its head out of the waves, and asked him to contract an alliance with him; saying that of all the animals, they ought to be the best friends, since the one was the king of beasts on the earth, and the other was the sovereign ruler of all the inhabitants of the ocean.

When a coward is once found out, his pretensions of valor are useless. The Monkey and the Cat. A Monkey and a Cat lived in the same family, and it was hard to tell which was the greatest thief. One day, as they were roaming about together, they spied some chestnuts roasting in the ashes. "Come," said the cunning Monkey, "we shall not go without our dinner to-day. " Pussy pulled them out one by one, burning her claws very much in doing so. When she had stolen them all, she found that the Monkey had eaten every one.

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