New PDF release: The Biology and Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms

By S. Chang, W. Hayes

ISBN-10: 0121680509

ISBN-13: 9780121680503

1980 2d printing hardcover with out dirt jacket. Tight backbone, transparent crisp pages, no writing noticeable, no tears, smokefree

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Hafner, New York. Casselton, L. , and Marchant, R. (1971). Septal structure and mating behaviour of common A diploid strains of Copnnus lagopus. J. Gen. Microbiol. 66, 273-278. -T. (1969). A cytological study of spore germination of Volvariella vol­ vacea. Bot. Mag. 82, 102-109. -S. (1969). Nuclear behaviour in the basidium of Volva­ riella volvacea. Cytologia 34, 293-299. -Y. (1970). Nuclear behaviour in the Basidiomycete, Volvariella volvacea. Am. } . Bot. 57, 165-171. -L. (1974). Ultrastructure of mycelium and gill of Volvariella volvacea.

Historically, the color of the spore deposit was one of the features, if not the first, of the spores to be used in the systematics of gilled fungi. Of the commercially grown species we find Flammulina velutipes and Lentinus edodes with white to whitish spore deposits. The Pleurotus ostreatus variants have a lilac-gray spore deposit, Pholiota nameko gives a brown deposit, Agaricus bitorquis and Agaricus bisporus a dark chocolate-colored one, and VolvarieUa volvacea a reddish one. In all of these the deposit color is im­ portant in placing the species in a family.

Volvacea remains compact and does not enter into meiosis immediately; in other words, there is a brief resting period between the fusion of nuclei and subsequent divisions (Chang and Chu, 1969). At the early hetero­ typic prophase, the nucleus enlarges and appears as a chromatin reticulum containing one to two nucleoli. The chromosome numbers of the fungi can best be determined in diakinesis. However, considerable technical diflBculties have been encountered in counting fungal chromosomes in the past.

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