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Frequently, the 119 Sn NMR signals are shifted to lower frequency in the solid state as compared to solution. 22–26 In any case, solid state 119 Sn NMR spectra provide additional information on the tensor components of nuclear shielding. 1), the bonding situation differs markedly from the straightforward picture derived from the structures of alkenes, allenes, or alkynes. Coordination Number of Tin and Electronic Structure In tin compounds, irrespective of the formal oxidation sate +2 or +4 of tin, the increase in the coordination number is accompanied by a marked increase in 119 Sn nuclear shielding.

G. 4), 35/37 Cl]. 1 MHz 1 H detected 1 H/119 Sn shift correlation (HSQC) of a sample of a reaction mixture containing three different tin–boron compounds. The mixture could not be analyzed by direct 119 Sn NMR methods. ) The F1 projection shows the 119 Sn NMR spectrum with its broad lines as a result of 1 J(119 Sn,11 B) ≈ 1000 Hz. The overlapping 119 Sn resonances are well resolved in the contour plot, and the unstable species Me3 SnB(OMe)2 (marked by lines towards F1 and F2 ) can be readily identified.

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