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By Sanjay Rath

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This booklet is going into the intricacies of the vimsottari and different nakshatra established planetery dasa (udu dasa) to carry out their desire and utilization. An self reliant bankruptcy is dedicated to the alternative of dasa, the how and why of selecting definitely the right dasa for a chart whereas contemplating some of the standards in addition to edition techniques in a step-by-step strategy. Judgement of dasa comprises the foundations, normally used for analyzing the message of the charts and in timing the occasions that the drama of lifestyles shall convey.

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C. Sharma23 as ‘the Navamsa of Venus’. ” Let us examine the various possibilities – 1) Sukramsa is interpreted as Swamsa or Karakamsa and would mean the navamsa of Venus. e. the Sukramsa is also Lagnamsa satisfying the word prajatasya in the stanza. ” For example, if Venus is in Libra in the Rasi Chart, then navamsa lagna in Libra will satisfy the criteria 4. This can be the only satisfactory translation of the word ‘Sukramsa’ and is in the lines 25 of such words like Ketvamsa used in the nadis and allied Jyotish literature .

40 Translation: Shastisama dasa (60 years) (also known as Shasti hayani dasa) shall apply is those cases where the Sun is in Lagna. 10 Condition for Shattrimshat sama dasa. CRITERIA 10: l¶e idne=kRhaeraya< cNÔhaeragte iniz. 43. lagne dine'rkahor˜y˜Õ candrahor˜gate niþi. S. 43 Translation: If birth is in the daytime and Lagna is in Sun Hora or if birth is in the night and Lagna is in Moon Hora, Shat trimsa sama dasa shall apply. 2 Selection Methodology The Udu Dasa can be broadly grouted into two categories – 1) Vimsottari dasa and its variations of Tara, Tribhagi and Moola dasa, and 2) Special condition dasa including Ashtottari etc.

Among the planets Jupiter represents Indra and the Lordship of Jupiter in the chart will indicate the direction of the blessing or that people who will play a vital role in the achievement of Karma yoga. Jupiter indicates a teacher or guru. © Sanjay Rath, 1996-2005. All rights reserved. Title: Vimsottari & Udu dasa 47 Dwisaptati Sama dasa: Hara (a form of Shiva) is the governor and among planets the Moon is the representative. The special condition relates to the seventh house which is the seat of all desires indicating that the theme is the fulfillment of desires.

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