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By A. Hadidi, Ricardo Flores, John W. Randles, Joseph S. Semancik

ISBN-10: 0643067892

ISBN-13: 9780643067899

ISBN-10: 0643069852

ISBN-13: 9780643069855

ISBN-10: 1578082722

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Springer-Verlag: Berlin. , and Wachter, De, R. (1997). RnaViz, a program for the visualisation of RNA secondary structure. Nucleic Acids Res. 25, 4679-4684. K. Viroids are single-stranded covalently closed circular RNA molecules existing as highly base-paired rod-like structures. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 73, 3852-3856. , and Ishiguro, A. (1998). Viability and pathogenicity of intersubgroup viroid chimeras suggest possible involvement of the terminal right region in replication. Virology 240, 238-244.

A. (1989). Grapevine viroid 1B, a new member of the apple scar skin viroid group contains the left terminal region of tomato planta macho viroid. Virology 170, 575-578. , and Riesner, D. (1991). Formation of a thermodynamically metastable structure containing hairpin II is critical for infectivity of potato spindle tuber viroid RNA. EMBO J. 10, 719-727. , and Steger, G. (1999). ConStruct: A tool for thermodynamic controlled prediction of conserved secondary structure. Nucleic Acids Res. 27, 4208-4217.

1 Optical denaturation curve of circular PSTVd. 8. In addition to the differentiated curve at 260 nm (∆∆A/∆T, thin line), the hypochromicities (∆A, thick lines) at 260 and 280 nm are depicted. The ordinates are given in milliabsorption units, the absorption of the sample at 40°C and 260 nm was 1. When the hydrodynamic theory of a rigid prolate rotational ellipsoid has been applied to calculate the axial ratio a/b (large diameter/small diameter), for PSTVd the following value was obtained: length the spatial orientation is lost due to flexibility.

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